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Will Cupid's Arrow Strike in The Nation's Capital? One Woman's Quest to Find Love on Singled Out….

Will Cupid's Arrow Strike in The Nation's Capital? One Woman's Quest to Find Love on Singled Out….

I know it's been a long time between blogs. It saddens me when I don't write, particularly about love, but I haven't been feeling it of late. I have wept for our brothers and sisters in Christchurch, I have despaired for our own political landscape and quite frankly, the fact 1.7M people in this country are watching Married at First Sight destroys me.

But something did inspire me this week, well, a few things actually, and I am delighted to say that the inspiration came from work. I'm a big believer in bringing your whole self to work, so my poor colleagues are acutely aware of my love of love, and this blog actually (they better be reading). So it was a great joy to me this week to have an email land in my inbox about one of my team mates quests to find love.

As much as I love a good old fashioned conflict check or Meltwater client wrap up for the day, there was something exhilarating about receiving an email with a big old hot pink banner emblazoned with the words "SINGLED OUT: LOCK INTO LOVE" Had it happened? Had I found my spirit animal right under my nose in our very own Canberra office? DING DING DING!!

Regular readers know that my quest to find love knew no bounds, I would give any type of dating activity a red hot go. I am now a Tinderella story, but I have written on Dates and Plates many times about my true admiration for those people around us who are taking the greatest of leaps to find their love. Drew Wade in my last blog post has attempted to crowdsource a husband and now I have discovered the wonderful Sarah Lamech has signed herself up, in our nation's capital, to the latest reality love show. YASSS KWEEN!

Bought to you by Out in Canberra, Singled Out professes that it's 'Canberra's Turn to Play Cupid'. You're damn right it is Canberra! Not since my 1992 visit to Cockington Green Gardens have I rooted more for Canberra to smash it out of the park and make the dreams of young people come true.

I've popped the website below, but in a nutshell, you click on Sarah's ridiculously gorgey, smiley face, watch her hilarious video and then pick three fellas that you think she might vibe with. Quite frankly, the fellas are all pretty easy on the eye (there is one complete smoke show, I'm not going to lie) but more importantly they are national bloody treasures for putting themselves out there and leaving their quest for love in the hands of the public. I mean, BRAVO *stands up and slow claps them all*.

But I digress. I obviously wanted to ask Sarah a few questions about this whole magnificent scenario, so here she is answering them.

I want to preface this by saying, Sarah is a doll, she is what you see is what you get, she has a heart the size of Phar Lap's and she deserves to find her love, as everyone does! I j'adored the answers to my questions and think you'll all find it so relatable. With respect to the last question, if you are a single bloke reading this, who like me admires Sarah's efforts and might like to get to know her, email me through my website please, I would love to hear from you and see if you are good enough for her, but seriously, just hit me up because you'd be crazy not to.

Scroll down to read, click here to vote for her: https://www.outincanberra.com.au/singled-out/favourite-singles.php

Sarah, what made you take the plunge and leave finding a match for you in the hands of the public?

Well, I'm pretty open-minded to finding love and usually take an attitude of "what's the worst that could happen?" I can be very spontaneous and will give most things a try once, usually just out of curiosity of what could happen.

When my friend Gina asked if she could nominate me, it was an easy decision to just say "sure, why not" and not overthink it (my feelings did change a bit after making it through to the top 20, but I'm trying not to lose my mind!)

Is online dating too hard basket these days?!

Hmmm yes and no. Like anything it has it's pros and cons, of course being online there is a lack of accountability. It is far too easy to not reply to people or even cancel, I think people find (myself included) that it is easy to forget that you are talking to a real people who have real feelings. Because of this it is easy to cancel on people, not show up, date multiple people, string people along etc.

Sadly I do refer to online dating as sifting through garbage and trying to see if anything can be recycled. It can be really tough, but seems the go-to with meeting people these days.

It is also too easy to find out so much about a person before you have even heard their voice (you've already looked through their Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, mutual friends, tagged photos, work experience and 2012 family holiday) which can make it tough and VERY easy to judge.

Sometimes it does help as you can easily rule people out who in the "real world" would have deal breakers, but it also stops you from getting to know people, it seems a bit unfair. It is too easy to reject people you don't even know, sometimes I wonder if the people I have 'swiped left' for may have been good matches but I was too quick to judge and now they're gone forever!  

Who’s your couples goals? What are you looking for in your match?  

My celebrity couple goals would be Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, 'nuff said. But in terms of relationships of my friends and family, there are qualities/traits that I admire in most of them and things I certainly seek in a partner.

Like most people, I'm certainly looking for that 'spark.' I think physical attraction is important, but know this can grow over time. Banter/humor is a massive one for me, I want someone who can laugh at themselves and be comfortable with who they are.

Morals/ethics that are in line with my own. I think it's really important to be with someone who sees the world the same way as you, but can also challenge (not argue) you to think about things differently and offer new perspectives. My person definitely needs to be positive and ambitious and needs to love animals and treat wait staff nicely!

Have people reached out to you who have seen your video wanting to connect? I feel like this might happen if shared enough!

I've had a couple of people contact me, but nothing worth sharing. I did have a former flame contact me, who didn't realise I was single wanting to catch-up which was definitely flattering!

Canberra is such a small place, I wouldn't be surprised if people got in touch with myself/other participants following this. It's definitely a good ice-breaker.

New Year, New Love?

New Year, New Love?