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Love is, Actually, All Around Us

Love is, Actually, All Around Us

How good is December? The prosecco is free flowing, the Christmas trees are going up and Love Actually has started to play on the TV and available for your multiple viewing pleasure on your streaming services.

It's also a real time of reflection, thinking about the year that's been, what we have achieved, what we haven't achieved, people we've met, people we've lost, it's the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be quite melancholy.

I've Vin Diesel'd 2017 – Fast and Furious… I started a new job, started this blog, graduated from my masters, I know it's been like this for a lot of people too and it's easy to forget to take time to smell the roses, or in my case the 200 gingerbread, I have baked this season already. So I thought for my last post on love for 2017, I'd take a look back on some memorable #lovewins stories from the year that's about to be put behind us.

Australia Says Yes

F*ck, wasn't that a great day?! I barely slept a wink the night before, keeping the old ball and chain awake with my questions of what on earth we would do if it was a no. I should never have doubted us as a country, but unfortunately it was a terrible time for our LGBTI community, being made to feel like they are not equal, worthy of living their days out with the one they love. I felt proud that day, proud of my country and proud of my beautiful friends who embraced former FLOTUS Michelle Obama "when they go low, we go high". A true love highlight.

Soph Finds Love

Ah yes, it would be so very remiss of me not to do a shout out to Australia's new best mate, Sophie Monk and The Bachelorette. Regardless of the fact that Soph went on the show to meet a normal guy, who wants kids and to get married and ends up with a mega millionaire, socialite divorcee with 4 kids and who has had the snip, that show was pure gold. I wrote a few blogs on this namely because it was just so fun to write about but also some for reals love tips in there, but really if I'm honest it was to talk about, stage 5 clinger Jarrod, #plantgate #youkilledourlovefern #redfaces. I nearly vomited in my mouth this morning when I read that JW will be appearing at Prahran Town Hall this weekend to give guys tips on buying the perfect gift for their ladies.. I guess he's been given this honour due to his legend gifting in the bachey mansion of pot plants and Ugg boots? Anywho, he's there from 1-3 for those of you who care.

Prince Harry is Off the Market

In my top 5 gingers of all time, Prince Harry announced his engagement to the ridiculously gorgeous Meghan Markle AKA Rachel Zane AKA the most perfect being on the planet. I've watched the BBC interview 5 times (this morning) and can't get enough of that shiz. I am not sure if it's that she looks like an angel sent from heaven and Harry looks like he rolled out of bed and popped on a suit for this, or the fact he proposed while they were cooking a roast chook, but there is something about a royal wedding that makes me giddy AF. I also love that Harry is so open about the toughest of times he has had missing his mum while he has grown up in the most unusual of lives and the love he still carries and shares with her family. CANNOT wait for the wedding in 2018, cucumber sandwiches and fizz at my place!

So there you have it folks, a few of my faves from 2017. I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words of support and encouragement for my humble little blog over the year and I so look forward to 2018 and bring you more great stories.

The B&C and I are off to Europe for the festive season, where I will be giving the world's 50 best list, shopping and general exploring a good old nudge and will be sure to report back on this.

Wishing you and your people a big happy holidays and a safe and prosperous new year!

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