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If Video Killed the Radio Star, What is Reality Tele Doing for Love?

If Video Killed the Radio Star, What is Reality Tele Doing for Love?

I love how many texts I get from friends letting me know of  new "love" shows that are coming to our tellies. You would think that being a lover of love that I would be all over that shiz. I get delighted receiving news of new shows with the intent of love finding, but I seldom watch more than one or two eps.

To put it bluntly, they generally fill my heart with sorrow. I am an outcast from the proverbial water cooler at work, I have not one thing to contribute to idle chit chat about who got a rose, who left a commitment ceremony or how funny a date night ep was. I know this might be a controversial blog, but I am just going to say it, I cannot stand these new shows about 'finding love'.

I'll preface this by saying I did become a massive fan of The Bachelorette starring our Soph, it was funny AF. As genuine as that little poppet seemed in finding love the subsequent media farce and ever so convenient resurrection of her career (which I am delighted about don't you worry, the more she opens her mouth and says stuff the better) but I think we can all  agree that the level of authenticity there was generated around ye olde ratings. Hellloooooo #potplantgate… How I yearn for those simpler days.

I'll start with Australia's newest obsession and Jesus take the wheel, I hope that the talk of it dies down in a hot minute, Married at First Sight. This shiz has been polarising from the very beginning.  I was initially outraged a show existed about people being able to 'marry' strangers while our government refused to pass a law to have same sex couples marry and then I was just outraged by this season's 'experts'.

You know I'm off on one when I use " " around so many words, but by golly it's true. First of all, before you start with the 'but Amber, you've got to know that it's all for ratings and show and not all of it is real?' I totes do, but then why make a show in the first place? From the moment Dean opened his mouth around men needing to reclaim the dominant role in relationships and Tracey explaining how she's quite happy to be the good wifey in life, I wanted to vomit into a basket.

I'll admit my spirits were given a wee boost with Telv and Sarah, people from different walks of life who might just be able to make it work by getting to know each other and working through how their differences can be good things. But alas, I didn't last long enough to see where that went.

I was told I simply must tune in for the Davina, Dean and Tracey drama.. I simply shouldn't have. Dean aside, there were so many other flogs on this show that I could barely keep up with the water cooler convo or sit in front of it for more than five minutes.

I spend so much time chatting to people about the joys of love and how putting yourself out there and trying to find it should be a priority for people wanting to meet people. It's really hard to do that when one can't free up date nights because MAFS is on, you know what I mean?!

I feel like there are so many shows on now about people finding love and so many people watching them that no love is actually being found. I am literally in a conundrum loop here! So MAFS finishes and people are moving on, I am happy and relishing the last few eps of Australia's Greatest Bake Off when the bloody Bach in Paradise comes on. Literally crumples to knees and yells "WWWWWWWHHHHYYYY?!"

This shiz appears to be a v.2 of the Soph series. You've got your Blakes and hot tall guy who was apparently an actor and then you've got your Jarrods… I mean, what the actual eff…. I think we all took great pleasure / pain from watching him in the Soph Bachey. He was a crazy mofo and he was red as the days are long. I got enough of all of that in that season, why do I need to watch him again?

So to avoid complete social exile and potential internet trolling on what a piece of shiz I am for not watching along happily, I watch Gogglebox watch these shows instead.

So why my big rant about this? There has to be a general obsession with love and relationship matching in Australia to warrant all these shows about finding it. So if this theory is correct, why do we have so many people still searching for love? And why oh why can't there be some genuine shiz occurring.

I may be the most naïve nelly, but circa 2007 I totes fell in love with The Farmer Wants a Wife and it's genuine nature. It may well have not been, but why is shiz these days so darn tizzy to quote Australia's other sweetheart, Kath Day Knight? Sooooo many plastic, fantastic people! I know it's probably because us norms would rather swallow razor blades then go on the tellie, but you get where I am going with this right? There are a bucket load of norms out there looking for love!

Because I have gone off on one this time round, but I feel like I needed to express this shiz and see what you all thought, I also wanted to tell you that I have actually been actively seeking out potential matches for those peeps around me who are open to some good old fashion, original faces still intact match making and next week, i'll be writing about this and one of the recent connections, so stick by me team. Love is the best and we will keep fighting the good fight!

Also, are you up for me trying to match you?! Let me know!!!!

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