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The Badgelor That Divided a Nation

The Badgelor That Divided a Nation

I know it's been a week since The Bachelor finale, but gee is it still getting peeps riled up across the nation. There is a divided camp on this, many proclaiming Nick to be the most disliked bach in Oz bach history and others that are like, 'what would you have wanted him to do? Lie about his feeling?'

Both camps are right in some way, I'm not going to lie I sit more in the former, but it did get me thinking about dating generally and how many things that frosted Australia's cookies about the bachelor, indeed happen in every day dating life.

It's pretty common knowledge that in the online world, men have the better end of the stick. One app even 'prides' itself on giving women 'power' by making the app's premise be around women having to contact men first, not vice versa. Feels kinda lazy to me, but I digress. Back to my point,  men and online dating. It's a generalisation, but I'm going to make it cause I experienced it, men generally have way more options then women on dating sites.

As a rule, women tend to be on these sites to actively date, sometimes for (some not all!) the dear male species it can be passive, just see what swipes by kinda shiz. It's a tale as old as time for those who have online dated, that you could go on a couple of amazing dates with someone, get ghosted, only for them to pop up randomly down the track. Once you have apps down pat, that little diddy is commonly known as not shutting down other options or the ones you have to see how that goes.

For Nick, 24 gorgeous (sans the 3 mean ones) women were vying for his attention and towards the end he was dry humping and pashing more people than a teenager at a blue light disco. As the ball and chain would say, 'he was like a dog with two d*cks' or for those more wholesome, a kid in a candy store. He saw, he liked, he pashed, he had the time of his life. Until he obviously thought "crumbs, this is heaps of fun, and like, how are these women's bums so perfect with not an inch of cellulite, but like, I don't know if I want them forever?"

Obviously that shiz could not just say 3 eps from the finale, 'guys, it's not working for me', he was contractually obligated. But what did frost this Australian's cookies was in those last few episodes, was  when the girls ripped their wee hearts open and bravely told him they were falling in love with him and he looked dumb dumb at them, did not reciprocate or respond mostly, and then would continue dry humping or pashing.

I admired Nick in the first eps, denying the pashes because he felt like it wasn't the right thing to do but by then end, good television does one not make by having the bach mug all girls who want to pash him.

My point is, he could have done some things differently. And just as a side note, only doing one exclusive with Lisa Wilko, made me feel sad for Wilko, she's better than that.

The second most quoted line off this series by people everywhere is "what a waste of time that was!" This one really gets me because it's like, you invested two hours a week, in my case often gas bagging with girlfriends I'd have over for it or swiping through my Pinterest updates. Was it really that big a waste of time?  I mean it was sad, I actually said to the B&C 'love died tonight' 3 glasses of red down in the last few minutes of the finale, but with time, each of them  (and me) will move on, perfect bums and perky titties intact.

Just like in the real world. I can't tell you how many legendary, beautiful, smart, funny, amazing women have a story of where they have thought things were going full steam ahead only to be ghosted or dumped. It sucks, it hurts, it makes you angry and sad, but one day you wake up and it feels better.

I'm not even going to give too much air time to those horrendous speeches he made at the end, 'thanks for sharing' at the end of Britt's 'journey' gave me full fury flashbacks to when I got dumped by a boyfriend when I was 19 who was a year older than me and ended it with 'take care kiddo', I mean, what the actual dickens.

But I will say I was delighted by the girls reunion. Poor old Soph, must have been like, 'oh god she isn't here to rub it in my face?!' but gave her a big hug and then they spent that night getting champagne blotto in their New Caledonian hotel room, potentially discussing how much they wanted to put a mountain of KMS Curl Up into his limp AF hair to give volume to those curls. I liked to think they did this, as at least 5 times through the episode, wine in hand, I would scream "put some volume in ya hair!'. Yep, it was the big issues that night, but for real, how dangly were those curls?

Anyway, I thought I'd give my two bobs worth on this season, not after a debate or anything, just sharing my thoughts, please and thank you :-)

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