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A Love Letter to My Husband

A Love Letter to My Husband

I got married last week. Initially we were looking at March 2019, but one day I looked at the ball and chain, doing something caring or thoughtful, as he often does, and I just didn't want to wait too much longer to be his wife.

I couldn't do a speech on our day, not like in a hand maid way or anything, I literally couldn't. Even typing this out makes my eyes brim with tears and before too long I have absolutely lost my sh*t, so I thought in lieu of saying this to him out loud on our day, I will immortalise my feelings on the world wide web and share it with the world. My love for him is so big it actually deserves an international, even intergalactic platform, so this seems fitting.

Where to begin?! Four years ago when I moved to Melbourne. I had the greatest of feelings that this move was going to be something special for me. I struggled a bit in my first couple of years. Socially life was heaven, I had made and already had the most wonderful friends who I cherish every damn day and can't imagine life without. But I was lonely, I was suffering with some anxiety and I felt a little lost. I made some pretty quick changes in order to gain back control of aspects of my life and got myself back on the online dating train (toot toot) and was ready to face that world again.

I shiz you not when I say that within a week of a number of changes occurring, I met my person. We matched on le Tinder and chatted for a couple of days before tee-ing up our first date. Now I am not going to lie to you, I did the lamest of things to do when dating and cancelled on him 3 hours before we were to meet… I know! Even as I was writing that a voice in my head went BOOOOOOOO!

But in true him fashion, he politely called me out on my shiz and had me near begging to make it up to him by meeting the following Wednesday. I can safely say now, that from that day I knew I would never be lonely again. This big bearded, dimpled smile, footy loving, cricket obsessed man had saved me. So this is my love letter to him…

Not a day goes by that I don't feel the most immense amount of love. My favourite times of the day are going to sleep and waking up next to you. You have a heart the size of Phar Lap's. You care so much about the special people in your life and are the glue that holds so many circles of people together.

You love unconditionally and with everything you have. Each day I feel like the most loved lady on the planet. You buy me flowers most weeks, you look after me when I need it, you call me out on my bullsh*t, you encourage my ambition, you are proud of who I am and what I do, you let me know that for the rest of our lives, no situation or curve ball life might throw at us will break us. You have my back and I have yours. My true partner in life.

You're also my partner in crime. I love nothing more than our date days and nights, our Friday night 'week that was' catch up with a bottle (or 2) of red. I love that you love to try new things and indulge my foodie streak. You're a bloody laugh a minute, you are my best friend. I love how much you love my friends and I love that you have introduced me to yours who I equally adore.

I love the way you love my family. You get more excited than me sometimes to visit your now second home of Sydney and that means the world to me. My family are life and knowing that they are yours is something that makes my heart burst. I love how much your family has welcomed me and made me feel like a true O'Meara, and I love now being one in name!

The night you proposed to me, I felt a significant change. I am so humbled, flattered, proud and overjoyed that you turned to me, fireworks ringing in a new year, and committed to spending the rest of your life with me. I don't think you'll ever know how much that moment meant to me and what it represented for me. A forever love, that I had been waiting so long for and never knew if I would get it.

I promise that I'll always be kind to you, love you and treat you the way that you truly deserve to be treated. Being your wife will be the greatest thing to happen to me and in the words of my sister, when she married her own husband, i'll try not to be too sh*t at it!

My darling husband, thank you for picking me. I love you.

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