Welcome to my blog, an honest account of dating and love in these modern times. A self proclaimed lover of love, I hope you like my stories and the people in them as much as I enjoy writing about them.  

All you need is Love (and some helpful advice in finding it)

All you need is Love (and some helpful advice in finding it)


I'm Amber and I am a loveaholic…

There I have said it, it's out there on the interwebs and I don't care who knows it!

You see 15 months ago I became a smug coupled one, I fell super hard core, ridiculously in love and I have, well, myself to thank for that really…

While I believe finding your person relies a lot on the stars aligning, timing, sheer good luck or intervention from a number of sources, the only person that really controls the destiny of your love life, or lack thereof, is you.

I don't say this to be harsh, it's simply the truth. And I say this because I started this blog to help people feel inspired to get out there and find their person too. I can't guarantee love, I am sorry to say, but what I do want to do is tell you that in 2017, if anyone is giving you shit for being on one of the latest dating apps or throwing yourself out there trying to meet new people, then the future is a bleak one for them indeed.

I know, online dating is not for everyone, I get it, I have lived it and I have survived it. BUT what I don't think people realise is the amount of other options you have out there on your quest to find love.

One day toward the end of last year, my partner had moved in and I was feeling particularly joyous about life and how lucky I was. I am very lucky, no doubt, but as those nearest and dearest to me will tell you, I was on a long and hefty search for love and tried just about all the dating I reckon you could find – RSVP, eHarmony, Tinder, speed dating, getting out there on Friday and Saturday nights (well, in my 20s), because after all you are not going to find your someone in your tracky dacks at home, you name it, I did it. For 8 YEARS…

Yep, clutch your pearls, gasp in horror, 8 whole years I persisted in this search that I knew one day would pay off. It was mostly fun and hilarious and great, at times mortifying and horrendously challenging and one or two times completely agonising and heartbreaking, it was a long bloody time indeed.

As I thought about my dating days, which aren't that long ago mind you, I begun to think about how I would have upped the ante had I not found somebody. What other options would I look into? Hiring a love coach for instance, maybe. Would I talk more to the men in my life about my dating and what they thought about it, probably. Would I seek divine intervention from other sources, most definitely! 

So that's why I am here, to look into all these other options and share them with you, because let's face it, it's the right thing to do and lucky for me, I love writing about it. Every couple of weeks I will bring to you little gems of advice, tips and greatness that I gather along this journey in providing some of the answers people might have on the road to love connection.

But it doesn't stop there, because I am a MASSIVE fan of a legend date spot, I will fill you in on some spots around town that I think would be super for when you want a memorable and fun first date. I still love going on dates, it's my favourite, and it's so important to find the right spot so you can talk and be your fabulous and fun self.

If you're not single, you should read too, I have learnt so much through my interviews with people that I think about in my everyday relationship, which has been hugely rewarding and makes me want to keep trying to be a really good other half.

People have been so kind in providing their time and sharing their stories. Dating is not always rainbows and butterflies, we all have a dating horror story or two to share, but we also have one or two legend ones to tell too. Some welcome to my love community, people! A place where we can feel less shit about dating and love lives and feel open to learning and sharing our stories.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I like bringing it to you <3

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